Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas

Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas (Good Morning! Philippines) is ABS-CBN's former early morning show. It starts at 5:00am and ends at 8:30am (UTC +8). It airs 3 hours every weekday.

The show reports live traffic situations on land and through the air with the ABS-CBN Sky Patrol (Manila and Cebu traffic). The program also broadcasts current news with ABS-CBN News Patrol; Parenting tips with Tintin Bersola, Weather, science and animal trivia with Kuya Kim Atienza,market prices with Winnie Cordero;the latest buzz on your favorite stars with Ogie Diaz;Events and "Gimiks" with Lui Villaruz.

Whether you’re getting ready for school or for work, having a nice breakfast meal, or just lazing around in your bedroom, there will always be something useful to start your day. From news headlines to family matters, a power pool of experts will give you credible information and advice on your everyday concerns.

The leaner MUP team is made up of a more structured group of hosts who are specialized in their respective fields. Their roles in the show are more defined as they tackle the topics they are best at. A set of MUP hosts will cater to the wide variety of tastes.

Bernadette Sembrano broadcasts first news of the day together with Julius and Cheryl Cosim.

Watch Aida Gonzalez’ traffic update, Kuya Kim Atienza’s weather report and knowledge trivia, and Winnie Cordero’s market watch and consumer’s guide, to set off your day’s schedule.